Nearly 10,000 people every month migrate across the Trans-Sahara route, over 3000 kms, in hopes of immigrating to Europe. Into areas of civil strife, terrorist camps, and during drought and flood, the human flow never stops despite one in ten dying along the way.


From the dusty roads of the African Atlantic coast, through the ancient town of Agadez in Niger, across the emptiness of the Sahara Desert all the way to the Mediterranean shores of Libya, award-winning photojournalist Alfredo Bin captured the heroic suffering of those that made this journey in hopes of a better life.


This photographic essay was picked up by news services across the globe and was a lead feature for the New Yorker, the BBC, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. The images also appeared at exhibitions and festivals worldwide.


Transmigrations was also published in the “African and Black Diaspora” an academic publication issued by the De Paul University in Chicago and in the “New Geographies,” an academic publication issued by Harvard University.


This work helped NGOs and advocacy groups support efforts to address this human tragedy and brought awareness on the issue of migration which is expanding to other areas of the world, like North America.

  • Date : April 23, 2014
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