VivArte is a joint philanthropic effort to empower and transform the lives of vulnerable children in Colombia, while giving international visibility to a select group of Colombian contemporary artists, most of whom do not have gallery representation in the United States. This dual mission seeks to shape the social reality on the ground and broaden cultural perceptions of Colombia worldwide. Funds raised during the auctions directly benefitted early childhood programs in areas of extreme poverty in Colombia.

Primero Lo Primero (a joint effort of Shakira and the Mario Santo Domingo foundation) and participating organizations Caring for Colombia and First Step Big Step hosted a cocktail reception at Phillips Gallery New York, and silent auction to celebrate Colombian contemporary art in support of Colombian early childhood programs.


Phylos’ efforts created awareness of the auction through targeted press coverage. We also helped developed the board for the event and host committee, and we identified potential and actual buyers for the art. Our network of New York philanthropists ( North American and Hispanic) assured a very successful event and outcome. The auction at Phillips Gallery raised $615,250.

  • Date : May 13, 2016
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