Africare, one of the world’s leading organizations addressing Africans in need, wanted to tell the story of how their ground-breaking programs were impacting Africa. A micro-credit program in Senegal. Health and women empowerment in Nigeria. Water and Sanitation in Ghana. Food security in Mali. Trade education in Niger.

We showcased these innovative initiatives through a successful multimedia and advertising campaign containing striking images and cinematic video testimonials, presenting Africare’s story in a dramatic and informative way. The aim was to create brand awareness and a fundraising tool. The campaign was designed to be executed on a variety of platforms including traditional, mobile and online media. Social media was incorporated into the program to promote the engagement of their passionate donor base.


By emotionally connecting with Africare’s empowered community, we showed how their programs were making an impact. The campaign generated a significant $10 million dollars (20% of their previous year’s budget) in incremental revenue and was so successful, the materials created by Alexandra Seegers, continue to deliver results three years later.

  • Date : April 19, 2014
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