Supported by The United Nations Once of Projects and Services (UNOPS), Ocean Generation consists of a global collective created to safeguard the future of our planet by protecting our oceans.

It is estimated that around eight million metric tons of our plastic waste enter the oceans from land each year. Over 800 million people are currently vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef has been devastated.

Through art, culture, technology and news, Ocean Generation brings people up to speed with any immediate oceans and climate change threats, highlighting opportunities and bringing optimism action to this debate.


Phylos was hired to design an integrated strategic 360 branded campaign starting from brand creation, logo, collateral, web-design to development and execution of a social content strategy with special focus in music, gaming, technology and fashion.

Definition of overall social media goals and drives campaigns and tactics to accomplish them, define content & campaigns ideas – Social Media Content Strategy WATO

Account creation, administration and management of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Development of a monthly Social Media Calendar with on going focus on creating engaging content, links and relevant posting leading to community involvement. As well as consulting on the digital rebranding proces – Social Media Planner September

Optimizing existing marketing and branding efforts to generate synergy, increase traffic and influencers to web site, increment donor’s data base and innovative engaging social campaigns.

Creation of branded targeted key messages, highlighting critical facts, to generate awareness on the issue.



Development of a CSR strategy pilot named #TheLastStraw – Ocean Generation CSR– initiative which included research on ethical supply chain and IMPACT measurement.

Environmental Films Help Save the Planet in St. Lucia


Environmental protection is no longer just a focus of professionally made documentaries or the subject of mainstream films. In this growing sphere of environmental awareness Ocean Generation decided it was time to get young people documenting their climate struggles first hand.

Ocean Generation was invited by the St Lucia Ministry of Education to work with the young community of Micoud. As part of the local schools summer camp, a week long course of ‘documentary l am making about our oceans’ was offered. By empowering 60 students, with digital skills and new technologies, they learned about story telling, story-boards, and filmed and edited short documentaries on important environmental issues such as over fishing, recycling and seaweed invasion.

Phylos created a stylized video about Ocean Generation workshops and events in St Lucia . From filming and photographing the classes to following the youth out on beaches across the island, to document them documenting their own mini-documentaries on climate and pollution issues.


Innovative, interactive, distinctive brand development and positioning targeted to millenniums, that incremented noticeably, doubling their stakeholders, participants, bloggers, influencers, overall audience. Helping spread rapidly the movement.

Successful engaging awareness branded content, including a mini-doc that conveys the importance of empowering communities most vulnerable to the effects of climate with education, awareness and technology. With the goal, currently, of getting in the forefront of other small island developing states local governments agenda, leading to replicate this programs involving ocean conservation awareness and action.

  • Date : May 15, 2018
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