In many countries oral health problems, such as caries and gum infections (gingivitis) are considered, especially by policy makers, as a nuisance, but not as a major health problem. However, the pain caused by oral diseases affects sleeping, eating, and school attendance, and thus, physical and cognitive development. Tooth aches are the prime reason for absence from school and work.

Bocas Sanas América Latina is a foundation that aims to improve the oral health of children in the Dominican Republic. It has established a partnership with Colgate – Palmolive, with the company contributing toothpaste, brushes, and professional instruction on how to brush correctly. Their mission is to promote the oral health of Latin-American schoolchildren by preventing oral diseases and infections, especially caries, through awareness raising, teaching and program implementation of children brushing their teeth at school twice a day.

Phylos went on the field to document a compelling storytelling strategy consisting of photograph/ film/video content for Bocas Sanas’s regional and national government advocacy, social media campaigns and web content. Website design is currently being developed.


‘Storytelling for Influence and impact’
Through our positive and result driven storytelling, approximately 5,000 children received information and instruction on the prevention of oral health problems. 3000 children and adults reached curative care and caries was reduced by 30% in schools that regularly engage in tooth brushing.

The creation and visual dissemination of programs impact and measured results incurred in new donors engagement. During 2017 fourteen schools had received brushing installations.

Advocacy efforts directed to the central government, by presenting the above contents, with the objective of implementing a national law that requires oral health in public and private schools.

  • Date : May 17, 2018
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