Transforming the community through 21ST century art. It’s an emerging initiative dedicated to raise a contemporary and investigation center for the 21ST century within a Spanish region with cultural and historic vigor.

MUCLAA aspires to the highest purpose of a visionary cultural institution while creating sustainable cities that spur social and economic development that sustains the physical cultural identity of local communities.
Its among the first centers in the world for research and investigation into 21st century art. The only museum of its kind to focus exclusively on the work of young, contemporary, socially-minded artists .

MUCLAA its also the permanent home of the Colección Adrastus,, the first of its kind in the world, housed in the restored and refurbished iconic XVI century architecture of the Arévalo region of Spain. The museum’s multidisciplinary and diverse approach to presentation, interpretation, collection, and preservation is complemented by a library and archive space, a laboratory to commission new works, artists’ residences, and a dynamic program of workshops, conferences, seminars, and educational activities.

Commissioned to create a 3D animated institutional video + case for support- MUCLAA_CaseForSupport -which convey MUCLAA’s mission-to trigger the fusion between art, history, and contemporary society as a catalyst experience of change that will sustain, enhance and advance the well-being of the Arévalo region in Spain.


To be determined. The goal is to attract prospect international donors, strategic alliances, stakeholders, and art and non-art community engagement for sustainable positive social change.

  • Date : May 17, 2018
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