Phylos holds partnership
with Villafañe & Asociados consultores


Villafañe & Asociados Consultores is a Spanish business consultancy specialized in generating value through the evaluation and management of corporate reputation and other intangible assets. Founded twenty years ago by professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Justo Villafañe, the company introduced the management of corporate reputation in Spain.
Villafañe & Asociados Consultores is the leading company in the field of reputation consultancy and a pioneer in the management of metrics for the improvement of competitiveness, confidence and sustainability of companies and public and private institutions, both national and internationally.
The head office of the firm is located in Spain.
With other offices in Peru, Colombia and Chile.
Our solutions and methodologies are backed by more
than 20 years of experience and the results of our clients
in Spain and Latin America



The management of corporate reputation is the last qualitative leap in the history of modern management,
comparable only to what has been the management of quality more than three decades ago.
The management of corporate reputation professionally is key for leadership and represents a tangible asset
for companies. The corporate reputation is the recognition that the stakeholders of a company do of their
corporate behavior based on the fulfillment of their commitments and the satisfaction of expectations.
The value of reputation. The recognition of stakeholders impacts on business benefits.


Being an ethical, responsible and well-governed organization is no longer a choice. It is an essential
requirement for the sustainability and competitiveness of an increasingly complex and demanding
In our firm we understand corporate responsibility as the good behavior of a company with its stakeholders
integrated into the business strategy and in line with business objectives.
From this approach, we have developed a methodology, the CSR Master Plan, to implement responsible
management in an organization



«What I value most about Villafañe is the quality of the methodology, his deep knowledge of reputation management as well as his expertise.»

Miguel García Lamigueiro
Director of Communication and Social Responsibility at DKV


«What sets Villafañe apart is his dedication, collaboration and understanding of the client’s needs.»

María Luz Medrano Aranguren
Vice secretary of Telefónica


«What I value most about Villafañe is the rigor and consistency of his work, his willingness and ability to respond, as well as his methodology.»

María Echanove
Deputy Director of Communication at Mapfre


«What distinguishes Villafañe is its ability to adapt and flexibility as well as all its human team who have constantly helped us
and transmitted a lot of Trust .»

Raquel Fernández
Caixabank planning area