Un día para dar



#undiaparadar www.undiaparadar.net is a social media campaign that celebrates ‘giving’ on a specific day, once a year. It promotes a call to action for solidarity actions.


The idea was inspired by ‘#Giving Tuesday’, a movement born in the US in 2012 as a counterpart to purchase day known as “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” following the Thanksgiving Day (www.givingtuesday.org). In 2013, the movement began to replicate in other countries, and since 2014 has become a global day to celebrate ‘GIVING’”.


The campaign is based on the active participation of individuals and organizations to disseminate the concept of this day of celebration, encouraging their communities to get involved with various actions and joint initiatives. The objective is to communicate with enthusiasm, share, spread the idea of the special giving day, using social networks and any other means available. And above all, it is about ‘doing’. For #undiaparadar to succeed, everyone should know about it and participate!


The aim of the initiative is that ‘giving’ has a day to be celebrated around the world, besides:

  • People can learn about the importance of giving, and the different ways they can do in their communities or anywhere in the world.
  • Social organizations can disseminate their work and impact to a mobilized audience and attract followers who will advocate for them for the rest of the year.
  • The society as a whole incorporates various forms of giving and helping others, so that these actions continue spreading and multiplying throughout the year.


Organizations and businesses were invited to register in the site and to make viral the slogan as a way to give visibility to this global movement and show how it’s growing every year.


In many international countries and different cities, groups have been formed to promote this day.



After the initial launch, 10 Latin American countries plus Spain have joined the movement, together with several cities, organizations and companies and above all millions of individuals. It’s growing every year at a speedy rate.

  • Date : December 4, 2015
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