Movimientos Deportistas por la Paz




‘Sportsmen for Peace’ is a movement that was born in 2011 from the strong conviction of the ‘Foundation Development through Sport (DAD)’, that sport is a tool to cultivate peace, respect for diversity and equity for all.

Through “Sportsmen for Peace” platform, visitors are exposed to the idea of generating a true social transformation. The movement encourages to recognize life values through sports. Being soccer one of the most popular sports in the world, their players are perceived as role models for adults, youth and children. By the so called “values of life” which these players apply in the field, the goal is to build a new paradigm, which highlights positive attitudes in any given time.

The following values were promoted:

Give a 100% for the team, regardless of the outcome.

Accept the rules, recognize oneself mistakes, cultivate honesty.

Respect the other team, their differences, their virtues and errors. Being this, the foundation of coexistence, inside and outside the field.

An integrated 360 campaign was developed, which included website, social media and several strategic events for all ages, incrementing the amount of followers and fans.


A network was created which became a movement where dozens of organizations and clubs invited thousands of children and youth to join it by participating in sport activities carrying a peace message.

  • Date : December 4, 2015
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