Por un sol amigo




The CSR campaign ‘ Por Un Sol Amigo’ was promoted by the Andromaco laboratories and the chemical company BASF. Supported by the scientific researches of the Skin Cancer Foundation and the Dermatologist Argentine Society. It consists of an educational program about sun prevention targeted to children ages 6 to 12 through out the entire country.

The campaign’s objective was to educate about the vital importance of the sun, but also about the problems and consequences created by an improper and excessive sun exposure. The objective was to generate awareness about a change of habits in relation to sun exposure and the protective measurements available to avoid skin damage. In a creative fun way, children were given tips they could themselves and could include their parents in participating.

This educational program was implemented through out school seminars, where professionals taught with the help of graphics and gaming about the importance of sun protection. Another strategic spot, was summer resorts, where by engaging children in interactive presentations and games, they learnt how to enjoy the sun benefits only. More activities were presented in the beach to reinforce the campaign’s message together with the website: www.porunsolamigo.com


‘Por un Sol Amigo’ campaign has developed 80 educational seminars in schools. The number of students participating in them was 22,000. As well, the campaign visited 12 summer resorts, reaching out to 1,800 more children.

  • Date : December 4, 2015
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