Voices from Mozambique




Voices from Mozambique is a feature length documentary, filmed in-country by director Susana Guardiola and Francoise Polo and produced by Loris Omedes. It showcases the fight and progress women have made towards attaining their basic human rights. Voices from Mozambique captures the inspiring stories of the women here who are making an impact throughout the country.


Underwritten by Ministry of Culture in Spain (ICAA), TVC (Catalan TV), Spanish International Cooperation Agency (AECID), Catalan International Cooperation Agency, the Spanish Embassy in Mozambique, and City Hall of Barcelona, this documentary explores the reasons why women have achieved more equality here than in other African nations.

Mozambique, for example, has more women in high-ranking government positions than anywhere else in Africa. This success dates back to 1975 when the country established its independence from Portugal.


Voices from Mozambique chronicles this story and is told through the eyes of five women, all inspired by Josina Machel, the first woman in Africa who fought for women´s rights here. We experience their struggle and triumph, as these women carry forward the legacy of Josina’s work. Supported by Graca Machel’s views on education to achieve such rights.


Voices from Mozambique was nominated for the Ahmed Attia’s Award in Spain. The film was part of the National and International Empowerment of Women Campaign, March 8th, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, sponsored by the Spanish government and the AECID, Spanish equivalent of USAID.

  • Date : April 24, 2014
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