Stories for Peace




Since the age of four, Prem Rawat has changed lives for the better through the simple Words of Peace. With over 11,000 volunteers worldwide, Words of Peace is an international movement dedicated to the peaceful resolution of conflict.


Words of Peace Global Foundation produced the film Stories for Peace with an intent to showcase it at global events. The film is part of a series of inspirational videos and other learning materials that help spread peace. It produces television shows and short documentaries that air worldwide as well as on the internet. The foundation has received significant recognition for its efforts to promote peace.


The internationally acclaimed director, Susana Guardiola, was asked to create a short film to inspire young audiences. She utilized a combination of street interviews from various global hot spots and motion graphics to portray the quest for peace throughout the ages, drawing upon some of the world’s greatest humanitarians including Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Luther King and Nelson Mandela.
Animated by our creative director Albert Burzon.


Stories for Peace was screened during Prem Rawat’s worldwide tour. It was estimated that over 11 million people viewed it. It was also aired internationally on a variety of channels and time slots all around the world. It was recently shown at the General Session of the European Parliament in Brussels and at the International Peace Day in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Date : April 20, 2014
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