‘Solidarity Chain’ is a cause marketing strategy with corporate social responsibility components.

It was created with the idea of helping, in the most sustainable and strategic way, for the Food Banks Foundation to donate food using a chain of networks that distributes throughout the country to thousands of organizations which feed hundreds of thousands of families in need. The strategy was a joint effort between the Foundation and the Company Danone targeted to their daily-shopping consumers. The action was proposed for all company’s dairy products. The dairy chain became the ‘solidarity chain’.

The proposal was developed thinking in promoting the chain of values of the company itself and their vendors. Danone’s strategic alliance supermarket became Walmart, who supported the cause through their CSR department, committed to spread the message through out their advertising and other communications media.

Each time a consumer took a Danone product, he/she were helping kids to grow strong and healthy. With their purchase, they were also supporting the new fridges for the Fundacion Banco de Alimentos commune dining rooms.

The Cause Marketing message was communicated by a viral video, POP material and ads.



Between viral video, social media and purchase points, ‘Solidarity Chain’ was communicated to thousands of consumers, whom with their purchase donated to the Foundation thousands of dollars to benefit thousands of families. It is estimated that more than 17.000 families were helped.


  • Date : December 4, 2015
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