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Diners club

Diners club


The Diners Club “” loyalty program´s mission is to promote Diners club and its services across domestic (Andean region) and international markets.


Wanted to drive brand awareness and grow fans on its Facebook page by a certain percentage within a limited time frame. The goal was to increase the number of fans by 25 % in 90 days which would result in 850,000 new fans.


To achieve the objectives set by CPTM, we create new curated and impact pieces in multiple languages to reach higher performance targets. For this campaign Agency used three types of Facebook ad formats: Like Ads, Photo Ads and Video Ads. Interests of the audiences included: travel, shopping, culture, adventure and gastronomy. In addition, we used Lookalike audiences to reach a larger number of users. The campaign was focused on target audiences located in US (Hispanic market) and Latin America.