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BBVA is one of the major companies in the Latin American banking sector. It has sustained an organic growth that has always been much larger than the one of its competition, which has always placed them at the forefront of leadership in markets such as Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. This leadership role that BBVA has, has caused the brand to always have to be ready for the demands and expectations of the markets it operates in.


The bank finds it necessary to deepen its relational message to audiences in each moment of their lives, in a tangible way that creates a real impact. Investigations found that, to the public, the bank seemed too large and too distant, so a campaign called “Mas Cerca, Mas Banco” was created. This campaign is tasked with the responsibility of making the bank seem closer to the public.


The agency transformed the bank´s necessity to appear closer to the public, into a platform of experiences with real benefits to the bank´s users. Through this action, the BBVA Benefits Platform is born. This platform consists of accompanying user´s on any given moment of their life while offering them alliances and discounts in over 160 stores all over Latin America. These alliances provided unique user experiences, preferential promotions and special access to certain events, special prices, and several other perks. This was the first plan ever to be implemented in this region by a bank, and the results were very positive: in just the first quarter over 125.000 users made use of their new bank member perks.