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Bancoomeva – a coomeva group company

Bancoomeva – a coomeva group company


BanCoomeva is the first cooperative Bank in Colombia. It claims to offer the most extensive personalized banking network across the country.


The main objective of the client was to drive banking solutions from people who had already shown an interest in them from visiting their website.


Bancoomeva was experiencing an increased level using cart abandonment on its website; visitors would proceed down the path to purchase and not follow through on buying a bank product. Agency decided that Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) should be used to target users with perfectly timed ads which were based on past actions (or inactions) on Bancoomeva’s website. Using a Facebook pixel, Agency was able to retarget visitors with ads related to services in which they’d shown an interest before. Agency based its strategy on precise re-targeting and an effective use of visitor intent data. To further improve the conversion rate, Agency also implemented a second targeting strategy with Lookalike Audiences from Bancoomeva’s previous months DPA campaigns. The combination of both strategies throughout the campaign which ran for a month led to a reduction in the cost per acquisition and increasing the number of completed purchases.